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A weekly NASCAR show by two buds that love racing. Each week we discuss Nascar's top 3 series - storylines, predictions, and the racing action as we've been seeing it. We'll also be talking about ...more

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September 24, 2022 01:10:57
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Round of 16 - September '22

Well we've got a whole round of Cup series playoffs to cover, silly season, new schedule updates, plus New Guy has to apologize for taking down Bubba and Blaney, so what are you doing reading this episode description and not just listening to the episode?!? We've got sponsors joining us left and right, so your most professional motorsports podcast is ready for your ears!!! ...



September 03, 2022 01:06:26
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Daytona - August '22

AND WE'RE BACK!!! Back again to bring you a breakdown of the late summer storylines, a chaotic and controversial Daytona regular season finale, and to help preview our first Cup series playoff race at Darlington! Join Bboy, New Guy, and Baby G for a cloud-filled episode with just how much we love motorsports! ...



July 15, 2022 00:58:15
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Atlanta - July '22

Motorsports, motorsports, motorsports, is that all you kids talk about these days? Well yes, there have been some extremely good races recently, so join your boys New Guy and BBoy as we jump through the wild and wacky races at Atlanta Superspeedway, Truck race at Mid-Ohio, and an exciting F1 affair in Austria. It's our longest episode this year because BBoy goes on several rants, breaks down conspiracy theories, and we fall headlong into a wild week in motorsports silly season. Brace your necks, it's time to get petty, Richard Petty... ...



July 08, 2022 00:47:03
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Road America - July 2022

Sup nerds?  Lots to talk about this week after a great weekend of racing.  Friggin NASCAR at Road America doin' all kinds of crazy shit, Noah Gragson wrecking the field somewhere other than a Superspeedway, and a mountain of F1 insanity.  Plus stick around to the end of the episode to hear our pitch for the new content you can find on our Patreon! ...



July 01, 2022 00:25:41
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Nashville - June '22

What up ding dongs?  We're back with a late night edition of The Big One Podcast to recap the race at nashville for ya!  Will New Guy be able to stay awake?  How much will he fawn over Ryan Blaney?  And can you spot where we made the cut because BBoy's laptop wasn't charging?All that and more on THE BIG ONE PODCAST ...



June 24, 2022 00:30:24
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Week Off - June '22

Is this the spiciest podcast yet or is it just a week off?!? We break down a soft weekend in motorsports, but set up a fun weekend in Nashville coming up and what Bboy and New Guy think of The Big Bang Theory. ...