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March 27, 2022 00:25:35
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Atlanta - March '22

We've got a live one! Together at long last in Vegas so it's a good short ep, with a special guest, that we forgot to edit for 3 whole days. That's Vegas for you, but this week we break down a chaotic and fun new Atlanta race before diving into the perils awaiting teams at COTA! Come share a pickle in a bag with us! ...



March 19, 2022 00:41:33
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Phoenix - March '22

Apologies for the delay in getting this uploaded!  New Guy had a date, and BBoy didn't know the password - a CLASSIC combo of fun and frivolity.  I guess there's an episode going on, and we talk about how New Guy didn't get to watch the race because he was hanging out with his sister, but still has things to say about the race.  Also it's the start of the F1 season coming up!  Also we lie about Hendrick (no s!) Motorsports racing at Le Mans this year - it's actually next year.  Anyway, it's like 11 am and my mcdonald's breakfast (bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, along with a sasuage mcmuffin - no egg, and a hashbrown) is starting to get cold.  I hope you have a nice day and if you choose to listen toi the episode, well, we all have to live with the consequences of our decisions.BYEEEEEE ...



March 10, 2022 00:53:00
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Vegas - March '22

BBoy and New Guy discuss this week's race at Vegas, go more in depth on the political nuances of the LimuEmuverse, and pull back the curtain just a little bit more.  We also pick our favorite back-of-the-pack drivers!  What fun! ...



March 04, 2022 00:38:39
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Auto Club Speedway - Feb '22

Bboy and New Guy somehow manage to shave 7 minutes off of the episode runtime, and Bryan elaborates on his knowledge of the LimuEmuverse!   We also discuss the race at Autoclub speedway, I guess.  Spoiler alert: it was fucking great.  Big thanks to our sponsor this week, the Bayraktar TB2! ...



February 26, 2022 00:45:38
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Daytona 500 - Feb '22

 Bboy and New Guy talk about their experiences at the 500, once again discuss serial killers amongst the driver lineup, and Bryan answers how he plans on introducing one of our favorite segments in upcoming episodes!   We also discuss our thoughts about the upcoming race at Autoclub Speedway!  A TRUE CAN'T MISS CLASSIC ...



March 07, 2020 01:17:07
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Daytona, Vegas, and Auto Club - March 2020

Bboy and New Guy discuss the first three races of this year ...